About Us

Virginia Field Goods is a year-round online Farmers Market that connects you with local farms and artisans throughout SWVA. Our network of local producers and communities work together to bring local food to you. Customers in Wytheville, the NRV, and Roanoke can shop on our online market and have fresh local groceries delivered every Friday.

The goal of the hub is to provide opportunities for SWVA producers and communities to connect in a way that benefits both, strengthens the SWVA local food network, and reduces the environmental impact created by importing food from distant states and countries.

We support a farm to table model because it is a win-win-win situation for farmers, shoppers, and Southwest Virginia.

How it Works
  1. Local producers list their inventory online.
  2. Shoppers place their order by Monday.
  3. On Friday morning, local producers deliver to the hub.
  4. That same Friday, Virginia Field Goods delivers orders to customers.

Why Buy Local?




Community Driven


Economically Smart



Virginia Field Goods Mission Statement

Virginia Field Goods' mission is to create a self-sustaining network for local producers and communities to buy and sell local food and goods at fair prices. We recognize the value in buying from local producers and that it elevates the quality of life for producers and our communities. We incentivize our members to be ethical, efficient, and environmentally responsible. We work to preserve our rich agricultural and creative heritages and cultivate respectful stewardship of our bountiful mountain land.