Southern Fork Farm

Location: Sugar Grove, VA

Contact: Shawn Boucher & Ginny Smith

Phone: 860-484-9638


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Southern Fork Farm is owned and run by the Boucher and Smith families , Shawn and Emily Boucher and Ginny Smith. We are located on the southern fork of the Holston River in the community of Sugar Grove in Southwestern Virginia in the beautiful Rye Valley. We currently raise chickens and turkeys for meat, along with a flock of Barred Rock hens for eggs, and we grow a variety of vegetables. We are also raising KuneKune pig breeding stock which will allow us to sell piglets and pork in the future. Southern Fork Farm was born from the desire of both families to live an agrarian lifestyle. This collaboration came together piece by piece and is still growing into what it will be. Ginny contributed land, having recently come back to her family's land which has been in her family since it was obtained in a land grant from Queen Elizabeth I. Shawn contributed prior farming knowledge, having been involved with a farm in South Carolina for several years raising chickens, turkeys, pigs, sheep, goats, and cattle. Our desire is to continuously learn and grow, always improving the land, and our animal and vegetable production.


We are not certified organic, but we use organic practices. We grow our vegetables without synthetic herbicides, pesticides, or fertilizers. We employ Permaculture practices in many aspects of the farm, using companion planting techniques to attract or repel certain insects. We use compost, cover crops, and natural amendments to improve the soil in our vegetable gardens. Our pigs are rotationally grazed on pasture and are supplemented with treats from the garden. KuneKune pigs were bred to thrive on pasture alone, so they don't require pig feed. However, in the winter when the grass isn't enough, they are supplemented with local Non-GMO pig feed. We are not certified humane, but we raise our animals in a humane way. We respect our animals and their natural tendencies, and we use those tendencies to our advantage. As an example, even though our KuneKune pigs don't root as much as other pigs, they still do their fair share. If, as we rotate our pigs through their paddocks, we left the rooted-up ground alone, we would soon have a very rutted, uneven pasture. To avoid that, our chickens follow our pigs. The chickens come behind the pigs and scratch and peck the ground smooth again, fertilizing as they go. It's actually quite amazing what a flock of laying hens can do! Our birds are rotationally grazed on pasture and along with garden treats, are fed local Non-GMO feed and processed humanely at a USDA inspected facility. In this endeavor, the guiding principles of Southern Fork Farm will always be to do that which is: Good for the land. Good for the animal. Good for the farmer. Good for the community.