R.T. Smith's Deli

Location: Roanoke, VA

Contact: Keith & Karena Clinton

Phone: 540-314-4072


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R.T. Smith's Deli is a full service deli located in the heart of Downtown Roanoke. Just off the corner of Campbell and Jefferson, R.T. Smith's offers the BEST in real New York classic deli food. From breakfast all day to 5 foot subs for your backyard party, R.T. Smith's does it and does it well. Offering catering, meals to go, and the finest meats available, R.T. Smith's is your downtown destination for a hassle free commute direct to the counter of a classic deli in New York City!


We source the best products we can for your eating enjoyment. And what we can't source, we make ourselves. Our meats are nitrate free, we roast our own beef and hand make our own meatballs. Our vegetables are locally sourced, and our recipes are decades old (back before fillers, extenders, and fake food entered our daily lives). We only use whole muscle meats, clean label ingredients, and lots of human horsepower for making our many products. We like a challenge, and resurrecting real food can certainly be a challenge. We look forward to serving you!